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We bring you the finest cooking oils made from the highest quality of seeds, imported from Canada, America, Brazil and Ukraine. These seeds are then crushed using state of the art machines from Alfa Lava, Switzerland to create healthy cooking oils.

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Pro-Active Live

Give your health the power of Canadian Canola with Andaaz Active Canola Oil. Refined on Swedish Refinery of Alfa Laval using Advanced Active technology.

Active Canola Oil gives you 100% cholesterol-free oil, with the perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 so you can live a pro-active lifestyle and keep your heart healthy.

• Heart Healthy

• Cholesterol Zero

• Lifestyle Active

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Sehat Aur Budget Ek Saath

Azaad Cooking Oil gives premium quality on a budget.

Ideal for Cooking, Baking & Frying at a Better Price!

• Premium Quality

• Affordable

• Zero Cholesterol



Khaana Banao Very Very Light!

Andaaz Cooking Oil is a light, healthy and nutritious cooking oil with added Vitamins A & D

• Easy to Digest

• Good for

• Daily Cooking


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Why Us?

We believe every household should have access to our quality cooking oil at reasonable prices so we provide a range of cooking oils that continue to remain pocket friendly.

Our products are packed in our very carefully cleaned and monitored refineries using the most hygienic methods because when it comes to your well-being we promise to make no comprises.

Our cooking oils are fortified with vitamins A, D and E to give your body the nourishment it needs for a healthy lifestyle.